We are an Internet of Things company. We provide you with the technology to monitor your commercial devices (such as the weight in your Farm Silos or Bins).

What we Monitor:

Weight carried in a Silo (Bin)
Temperature of an area or inside liquids
Flow rates of liquids
We can add more sensors on request and we do custom development!

where are we?

Western Cape
South Africa

We operate through out South Africa:

The pins on the map shows the approximate centroids of the areas where we have various devices and sensors in operation.

contact us :

Riaan Mastenbroek
Tel: (+27) 082 897 5315
Email: riaan@iotx.co..za


Our Api

We have an API to communicate with all our devices. The API can be setup and configured from the Portal.

Other services

We understand that everyone is different and there are many different choices you can make to suit whatever budget you have. We always keep you in the know, making sure that we are honest, efficient, and reliable.
Item Price
1-5 Sensors R 500 pm
More than 5 Sensors R 500 + R 150 per sensor pm
Device R 6000 - R 8500 (Can Host Range of Sensors)
Installation Quote

* Terms and conditions - Prices may depend on many other factors. The table abouve provides an average price. Contact us for more information.

User Portal

User Management

The Portal can be setup and configured independently for each user in the system.

Devices and Sensors

Sensors and Devices are configured in the Portal. The Sensor downloads the configuration and submits data via the API.

Reports and Charts

The Portal host a range of charts and reports to provide valuable feedback on how the sensors are performing.


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